‘Twas the Week before Finals

‘Twas the week before finals when all through the land, all the students were frantic, long study guides in hand. I walked into Starbucks hoping for a respite, to buy me some coffee and get a quick bite. When what did I see but that in every seat, a student was studying–some with looks of defeat; Anatomy here and then Pharm over there, no chair left for me, no table left bare.

Dejected, I left and returned to my home, I gathered my courage and opened my tome. Thromboxanes and NSAIDs and LPL too, I studied and studied until I turned blue; Lineweaver-Burk and Michaelis-M curves, I drew all the plots till they got on my nerves.

The clock chimed at twelve–it was time for my sleep, but how could I quit even though it did beep? The test fast approached as the minutes ticked by, I said, “For a bit on my bed I will lie.” I woke in the morn with my notes on the floor, I glanced at the clock and then rushed out the door; My days began early, my nights ended late, I often lost track of  the time and the date.

Yet soon it will finish and up in my head will stay all the knowledge my teachers had said; It is for this end that I labor and sweat, though sometimes I’m crushed over all my new debt. I know that in time all this work will pay off, and in a few years I’ll diagnose ev’ry cough; But till my school’s up, though much work it’ll be, I’ll keep pushing through so I get my MD.



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