HSF has — finally — concluded

HSF is finally over. After 6 months and 9 days = 4560 hours = 273,600 minutes = 16,416,000 seconds, I have come to the end of Human Structure Function. In retrospect, the time in HSF passed by quickly — yet at the same time, it seems like I’ve been in that course forever. I learned so very, very much in that course — evidenced by the countless piles of notes and power points that I went through in the 5 days leading up to the final.

Let me tell you, preparing for a cumulative final covering over 6 months of material was quite a task. We had 5 dedicated study days, which still did not seem like enough time. It did make me realize how much I have built up my study endurance; studying more than 12 hours a day for several days straight is not something that I could have done 2 years ago. One thing’s for certain: I certainly helped keep Starbucks in business that week. 😜

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