Shadowing a Neurosurgeon

HSF ended, I had 2.5 weeks off, and as of August 3 I have been back in school! This semester I’m taking 24 credit hours, not including clinic one morning per week. My main classes are Neuroscience and Pathology I; I’ll give an update later in the semester on my current classes. Suffice it to say, I am loving this semester so far. 😉 ALSO — White Coat Ceremony was this past weekend! After 2 years of practically year-round classes, I am officially part of the medical school — even though I’ve been taking medical classes interspersed since Year 1 and solely since January.

On my 2.5 week break I had the opportunity to shadow a neurosurgeon for 4 days. This was a great experience; I got to see some very intricate surgeries, was questioned over the relevant anatomy, and was reminded of my ultimate goal and why I must push through the long hours of studying — even when I would like to call it a day. I was interested in neurosurgery when I entered the 6 year program, and this interest was confirmed at the beginning of Year 2 when I shadowed a neurosurgeon for the first time. The neuroanatomy is so intriguing, and I enjoy the surgical aspect in that you have a defined problem, work to fix it, and soon after have a result (whether good or bad).

Handbook of Neurosurgery + various Neuroanatomy textbooks

Handbook of Neurosurgery + various Neuroanatomy textbooks

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